Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buzzwords Keynote - Conclusion

In the end, it is up to us to make things better.  We need a way for non-Apache entities to interact with Apache productively.  If we can't do that, then it is quite possible that all of the momentum and excitement that Hadoop now has will be lost.  


The key is that we now have an eco-system, not just a community.  We can make it work.  Or we can elect to let it not work.  Not working is the default state.  We have to take positive action to avoid the default.

Apache can stay a strong voice for business friendly open source by remaining Apache.  Trying to make Apache broad enough to include all of the players in Hadoop and Hadoop derivatives will simply debase the voice of Apache into the average of opposing viewpoints, i.e. into nothing.

There are, however, many other players who are not part of Apache and who should probably not be part of Apache.  There needs to be a way for these others to engage with the Apache viewpoint.  It can't just be on the level of individuals from Apache trying to informally spread the Apache way even though that is critical to have.  It is likely to require a venue in which corporate entities can deal with something comparable to themselves.  A good analogy is how Mozilla participation in W3C has made the web a better place.

But we can make our eco-system work.   It isn’t what it was and it never will be again.

But it can be astonishing

Let's make it so.

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