Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Buzzwords Keynote ... blog edition

There has been a bit of demand for an expanded version of my Buzzwords keynote from a few weeks ago.  This demand has been increased by a particular unfortunate mis-quote in a tweet that suggested that I thought that there was a need for a new organization "to supersede Apache".  Of course, I suggested nothing of the sort so it is a good idea to walk through the ideas that I presented.  The buzz words site has the video of my talk and pdf of my slides in case you want to follow along.

The talk was divided into several sections.  The first one proposed the uncontroversial thesis that Hadoop performs at a level far below the potential offered by modern hardware.  A second section pointed out difficulties with the current social structure surrounding the development of Hadoop and related software.  I then examined what I see as possible futures while describing how I think we will be choosing between these alternative futures.  I will post each section in a separate blog entry.

As I spoke, I encouraged the audience to tweet using the hash-tag #bbuzz and to keep communal notes on a shared Google document.  The tweets are a bit hard to find as befits ephemeral media, but the shared notes are still accessible.


The S Score
Possible Futures

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