Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Best Illustration of a probability Distribution

Describing a probability distribution in the abstract to a novice is often difficult.

Here it is in concrete form.  Note how some keys are more worn than others.  This is in Germany so that the ground floor is labeled "0".  Note the wear on the "door close" button!


Christoph said...

Fun fact: the door close button on the bottom left actually does nothing :D

Ted Dunning ... apparently Bayesian said...

Actually, I tested that hypothesis during my Berlin visit. In Germany, the button apparently does work at least a significant amount of the time. In my hotel, door close time without the button was 5-10 seconds and with the button it was instantaneous even if the door was only just opening.

kripa said...

Hi Ted. I am Kripa from Indian Statistical Institute, India. I am a researcher there. I am deeply impressed with your paper "Accurate Methods for the Statistics of Surprise and Coincidence". I have decided to use LLR mentioned in the paper. But I am facing problems implementing it! I am writing a C code. May I request you for the C code of LLR?

Ted Dunning ... apparently Bayesian said...

Happy to help.

Send me email directly at ted.dunning AT