Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nice package of software an tutorials for corpus analysis

I was about to try to provide some help in using the \(G^2\) implementations that I use and give away for a graduate student trying to do some corpus analysis and I found this lovely site describing how to do corpus analysis using R.   Marco Baroni and Stefan Evert have done a really lovely job there of describing how to do a large number of simple tasks.  Kudos to them!

For not necessarily the most noble reasons, I was happy to see from their slide show on computing association measures that \(G^2\) is still essentially on top as a measure of association after all of these years.


Sander Stepanov said...

web links to blog are not correct
may you pls find correct ones

Ted Dunning ... apparently Bayesian said...

Fixed the link. (simple google search found it)